Caribbean Art Initiative Supporting Caribbean art and culture with fruitful, reciprocal, and sustainable programs and exchanges for the entire region, building on the unique creative potential of all Caribbean islands.

The Caribbean Art Initiative is an independent, non for profit association working to foster the development of the culture across the entire Caribbean region, raising awareness and promoting dialogue worldwide.

The Caribbean Art Initiative collaborates actively and on the long-term with professionals, cultural institutions and not-for-profit organisations to promote and support cultural workers inside the Caribbean region, as well as with actors outside the region.

The initiative is internationally present to foster an interplay between regional and global art scenes.

Through the sum of these activities, the Caribbean Art Initiative is working to nurture the next generation of artists, curators, and writers interested in the region and in contemporary issues in global development.

These efforts advance future intercultural dialogue in diverse environments and recognize cross-border movements. As such, the Initiative is committed to the belief that artistic expression can shape social, economic, political, and cultural conditions – that a healthy cultural life is indispensable to a well-functioning, prosperous, equitable society.

Latest activities

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