Alpha Caribe II

In collaboration with La Usurpadora, founded by María Isabel Rueda and Mario Alberto Llanos Luna, La Usurpadora will feature a new spotify channel inviting various artists to partake.

The project, Alpha Caribe, serves as an exercise showcasing songs, whose lyrics and sounds are essential when building rhythms of life that are transmitted in different revolutions, as alternatives that distort the proposed philosophical and academic discourses from and outside the Caribbean.


Born on the far away limits between light and shadow, the Alpha II constellation receives within its orbit a series of sounds. Its sound and gravitational proximity attracts energy fields that from the spiritual, the urban, the racial and the romantic, bring life to original and brought rhythms to the Caribbean from the infinity. 

Listen to Alpha Caribe II, including the following songs chosen by the following artists:

Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata los indios – Pa los Olivos Enerlolisa Nuñez – Dominican Republic

Padu del Caribe – Aboso
Nelson González – Venezuela/Aruba

The Beachers – Mosaico Calypso
José Castrellón – Panamá

Yaaas Goddie – Spice
Katrina Coombs – Jamaica

Chocolate Mc – A veces
Orestes Hernández – Cuba

Mbilia Bel – La Bollona
Carlos María Romero – Colombia

Emeline Michel – Flanm
Mafalda Modestin – Haití

Tanya Tagaq – Nacreous.
A k u z u r u – Trinidad y Tobago

To learn more about the artists in Alpha Caribe, click here.

Alpha Caribe is created in collaboration with La Usurpadora.
Listen to Alpha Caribe I here, Alpha Caribe III will be published later this year.

La Usurpadora  is an independent art space created and research program in 2011 by Maria Isabel Rueda (Cartagena 1972) and Mario Llanos Luna (Barranquilla 1988) in the Colombian Caribbean small town of Puerto Colombia. La Usurpadora emerges as a platform of visualization in the absence of spaces for local and regional artists to disseminate their work, a fundamental aspect of the project relies on the research and the rescue of regional artists that used to be an important benchmark in the arts in the country using notions of science fiction, physics and different unconventional knowledge to build other forms of unofficial history in the arts

Likewise La Usurpadora has an Artist in Residence program “ El Centurión de la Noche” (“The Centurion of the Night”), which generates a contact point between local artists and national and international artists. Creating networks and revealing the processes and dynamics that revolve around the arts, both for artists in residence as well as for local artists.

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