, 08/02/21 - 08/02/21

Book Launch: The Collected Poems of Édouard Glissant

The new volume collects and translates—most for the first time— nine volumes of poetry published by Édouard Glissant. Available at the end of June. 
Glissant is one of the great writers of the twentieth century, his poems bring to life “an archipelago-like reality,” partaking of the exchanges between Europe and its former colonies, between humans and their geographies, between the poet and the natural world. Reciting and re-creating histories of the African diaspora, Columbus’s “discovery” of the New World, the slave trade, and the West Indies, Glissant underscores the role of poetic language in irrevocably changing both past and present. As translator Jeff Humphries wrote in his Introduction, Glissant’s poetry embraced the aesthetic creed of the French symbolists Mallarmé and Rimbaud (“The poet must make himself into a seer”) and aims at nothing less than a hallucinatory experience of imagination in which the differences among poem, reader, and subject dissolve into one immediate present. 

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