Navy Officers Club Venice, 08/02/21 - 08/02/21

Caribbean Art Salon No. 1 Caribbean in Venice: Connecting South

Coinciding with the 58th Venice Biennale, this debut project devotes dialogue to cultural exchanges and creative projects, while embracing this art world meeting point between the historic Western European representation in Venice and resonant voices from all across the globe. Led by Haitian curator Giscard Bouchotte, this event emphasizes how contemporary artistic expressions unite people, rather than calling out solely their differences. Our aim is to cherish and strengthen our communal culture; to foster our exchange and friendships; and to strive beyond insularity. We intend to develop and consolidate the network between the islands, especially through such cultural initiatives as this salon.

Connecting Islands Beyond the OceanMay 8, 2019 from 11 – 17hNavy Officers Club, Venicecurated by Giscard Bouchotte, in collaboration with MyArtGuides and Caribbean Art Initiative

Further details on panelists and salon topics will follow.

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