Museo de Historia y Comunidad de Puerta de Tierra, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York , 08/02/21 - 08/02/21

Exhibition: Aquí vive gente: Museum of History and Community of Puerta de Tierra

This pop-up creative space, named for the neighborhood in San Juan, Puerto Rico from where its founding artists — including Jesus ‘Bubu’ Negrón and Luis Agosto-Leduc — as well as collaborating youth and adults live and work, enjoys its first public and fully physical presentation within Storefront’s gallery. The museum emerged after years of work by Brigada Puerta de Tierra (BPDT), a multigenerational group of artists and activists, and the show title, “Aqui vive gente / People Live Here,” pays tribute to the murals in Puerta de Tierra, further asserting the autonomous life in the neighborhood and preserving its cultural heritage and collective memory. 

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