Pérez Art Museum Miami, 08/01/21 - 08/01/21

Exhibition: The Other Side of Now: Foresight in Contemporary Caribbean Art

Centered on the question, “what might a Caribbean future look like?”, this thematic group exhibition of newly commissioned works engages 14 artists from the Diaspora as well as throughout the Caribbean. Curated by María Elena Ortiz (Associate Curator, PAMM) and Dr. Marsha Pearce (Cultural Studies Scholar, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus), featuring: Deborah Anzinger (Jamaica), Charles Campbell (Jamaica), Andrea Chung (Jamaica-China/Trinidad, based in San Diego, USA), Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic), Deborah Jack (St. Martin/The Netherlands, based in New Jersey, USA), Louisa Marajo (Martinique, based in Paris), Manuel Mathieu (Haiti, based in Montréal, Canada), Alicia Milne (Trinidad and Tobago), Lavar Munroe (The Bahamas, based between Nassau and Germantown, USA), Angel Otero (Puerto Rico, based in New York, USA), Sheena Rose (Barbados), Jamilah Sabur (Jamaica, based in Miami, USA), Nyugen Smith (Trinidad/Haiti, based in Jersey City, USA), and Cristina Tufiño (Puerto Rico, based in New York, USA).

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