Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA), New York, 08/01/21 - 08/01/21

Exhibition | Ulises Carrión: The Big Monster

A pioneering figure in mail art, a movement and a medium that produced a unique international network of creative exchange in the 1970s and 1980s. Throughout his life, Carrión developed an important oeuvre that spanned performance, video art, and books. Above all, he was a cultural agitator and a social mediator. The exhibition is part of ISLAA’s new exhibition program on modern and contemporary art from Latin America. These exhibitions respond to ISLAA’s mission to advance academic research on the region and to support future generations of experts in Latin American art. The exhibitions draw from ISLAA’s library, archive, and graphic arts collection. Using ISLAA´s office and archive space as the setting for these actions, the series will highlight the importance of documentation for art historical inquiries. Aimé Iglesias Lukin, Director and Chief Curator of Visual Arts at Americas Society, was selected as the inaugural guest curator of the new ISLAA exhibitions.

Please note, the exhibition is by appointment only.

Photograph by Ulises Carrión published in “Rubber Stamps Theory and Praxis,” Rubber Bulletin 1, no. 6 (1978): 5. Courtesy of the Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA)

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