PEM/Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts, 08/02/21 - 08/02/21

Exhibition: Yoan Capote: Immanence

Capote’s Immanence is a monumental steel sculpture that depicts Fidel Castro, the dictator who dominated Cuban life and culture from the Revolution. Historically, monumental sculptures have deified gods and rulers but as you move closer Capote’s Immanence offers another perspective. An image of the Cuban leader becomes a collective portrait of Cuba’s resilient citizens. Based in Havana and internationally acclaimed, Capote uses sculpture, painting, installation, photography, and video to create analogies between the visual poetry of inanimate objects and the intangible world of the mind. Immanence, among Capote’s most important works to date, was recently acquired by PEM’s Present Tense Initiative.

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