Hot Links 02: Luis Miguel Molina

Our second edition features Luis Miguel Molina, the creative designer behind EL APOSENTO and the designer behind the impressive Caribbean Art Initiative design and colors.

– Tell us about yourself?

I am a born and raised Dominican and currently working as a Graphic Designer. My passion for aesthetics began many years ago — when I was a kid I would make my mom buy me Kleenex just because the packaging was these amazing illustrated boxes that I collected. As I grew older I started buying magazines that I found attractive, not because they had quality content but because they looked cool.

My first job as a graphic designer was a packaging I had to design for a class in high school, a juice I named “Leven.” This packaging, a horribly ornamented and non-practical box, was judged the best design among the others, and in that moment I made up my mind on what I wanted to be as a professional.

I went to college and studied Advertising, and after I graduated got my first job at an advertising agency only to realize I didn’t belong — but still, I was offered several jobs, so I jumped from one agency to another to grow as a professional. Those years shaped my mind into want I really wanted to do. I started exploring my abilities as a visual artist, working with illustration and art installation, and that process connected me with the Caribbean.

After a few years working for local and international brands, I decided to go back to school and study Graphic Design at La Escuela de Diseño Altos de Chavón, There I felt what I did wasn’t boring anymore, that I could play a bit more and actually merge visual arts and graphic design to serve the same purpose.

Today, I run a design studio that I call “El Aposento,” after the years I spent working from my bedroom at my grandmother’s house. “Aposento” is how elder people call their bedroom in the Dominican Republic, newer generations don’t use that world anymore.

 – What is your project or role with the Caribbean Art Initiative?

I’m the Graphic Designer behind the visual identity of the Initiative.

– What does “cultural exchange” mean to you?

It means that we as individual are capable to adapt to new things and by interacting with people and the environment come to a mutual understanding. It also means growth; the more knowledge you acquired from other cultures and your own, the more references you will have to confront problems, either spiritual or from your daily life.

– What is one unique perspective or element about the Caribbean that you would like the global community to know better?

I believe the Caribbean provides with so much color, flavors, personalities, and environments that it is difficult to just pick one thing to showcase to the world, I guess if you round that up people should just dig in more into its culture in general. 

 – And finally, describe something (this could be a food, a place, a feeling, etc.) that is “hot” to you. 

That is something Paris Hilton would ask. 

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