Hot Links Quick, spicy, and personable connections within the Caribbean and beyond, initiated by our editor Brian Fee.

Hot Links 07: Leah Gordon

Brian Fee interviewed Leah Gordon, curator and co-director of the Ghetto Biennale, which just opened its sixth iteration in Port-au-Prince, Haiti this month.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 06: Amanda Coulson

Our editor Brian Fee interviewed Amanda Coulson for the sixth edition of “Hot Links”. Amanda is the Director of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and she co-founded the VOLTA art fairs in Basel and New York.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 05: Caryl Ivrisse Crochemar

Our editor Brian Fee interviewed Caryl Ivrisse Crochemar for the fifth edition of “Hot Links”. Caryl founded the Fort-de-France gallery espace d’art contemporain 14N 61W in 2013.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 04: Alana Iturralde León

Our editor Brian Fee interviewed Alana Iturralde León for the fourth edition of “Hot Links”. Alana is the inaugural Caribbean Art Initiative artist in residence at Gasworks in London, beginning October 2019.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 03: Shanice Smith

The third ‘hot links’ features Shanice Smith, our inaugural and incoming artist resident at Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 02: Luis Miguel Molina

Our second edition features Luis Miguel Molina, the creative designer behind EL APOSENTO and the designer behind the impressive Caribbean Art Initiative design and colors.

Read the full interview here.

Hot Links 01: Jean Ulrick Désert

Our first guest is Jean Ulrick Désert. Désert represents Haiti at the 58th Venice Biennale, and he will participate in the inaugural Caribbean Art Salon Talks in Venice as well.

Read the full interview here.

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