Grants The Caribbean Art Initiative will offer grants for diverse cultural and educational pursuits throughout the year.

The award sections include an

  • editorial grant to a publication or toward an essay;
  • a grant to institutions for infrastructure needs;
  • a curatorial grant to boost the regional and international efforts of a creative mind;
  • and a grant to a young fellow to embark upon an educational exchange between two schools.

Please note that the Grants do not include the residency program, as the art initiative offers a dedicated global residency network.

This is a continuous program, and interested parties may apply at any point.

However, please ensure that the application occurs in adequate time before commencement of the desired activity (artist promotion, community event, research etc) intended receive the grant.

We require at least a two-month processing period for prospective applications.

Please ensure that all pertinent information is in place prior to beginning a grant application, as the application process must be completed in one go. Please submit the following to

  • General information (name, website, full contact information)
  • Grant information (name of project, activity dates, amount of grant desired)
  • Brief background on the organization (including description of project and budget table, prior such activities etc)
  • Note: incomplete applications will not be considered

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