Network connecting the diverse creative landscape of the Caribbean and its cultural diaspora, and document cross-regional efforts to promote outstanding artistic talent within the local and global arts communities.

One of the difficulties is the cultural, economic, and physical isolation that separates various parts of the Caribbean region. Different languages, cultural traditions, administrative systems, and inadequate communications and travel mean that the region remains culturally fragmented. Therefore, beyond support for art activity and connections to the world at large, the Initiative is also working to foster more active communications and collaborations between artists and organizations within the region. Cultivating a regional and international exchange around Caribbean art and artists is one of the main priorities and contributions of the Caribbean Art Initiative.

Efforts to connect the arts locally and regionally go hand-in-hand with efforts to link Caribbean art and artists globally, by supporting contemporary art and artists on a regional and international platform, and strengthening art organizations that promote Caribbean artists. These activities frequently take the form of events and publications, as well as in the support provided for documentation research about the Caribbean art scene.

For a listing of past and present, residency recipients, authors, experts and other in our Caribbean network, go to the directories.

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