one month after being known in that island

Curated by Yina Jiméenez Suriel and Pablo Guardiola

The exhibition’s point of departure is the Treaty of Basel (1795) between the Spanish Monarchy and the French Republic which bestowed the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola (present-day Dominican Republic) to France. The curators point out the deceptive nature of the truce, which effectively interrupted Haiti’s ongoing revolution against French colonial rule. Curators Jiménez Suriel and Guardiola note, “one thing is perceiving reality from a position of power, and another is reality as perceived by those who live with the consequences.” Utilising the Treaty of Basel, and the tradition of colonial agreements as an anchoring theme, the curators follow a two-pronged approach highlighting creoleness as an adaptive and self-affirming instrument for affected communities under multiple colonial dominion, whilst emphasising the flow of openness, shared wisdom, heritage, and experience so distinctive to the Caribbean.

The confirmed participating artists are: Ramón Miranda Beltrán (Puerto Rico, based in San Juan); Minia Biabiany (Guadeloupe, based between Pointe-à-Pitre and Mexico City); Christopher Cozier (Trinidad and Tobago, based in Port of Spain); Tessa Mars (Haiti, based in Port-au-Prince); Elisa Bergel Melo (Venezuela, based in Santo Domingo); José Morbán (Dominican Republic, based in Santo Domingo); Tony Cruz Pabón (Puerto Rico, based in San Juan); Madeline Jiménez Santil (Dominican Republic, based in Mexico City) and Guy Régis Jr. (Haiti, based in Port-au-Prince). Each artist has been invited to respond to the exhibition subject, with overarching themes including personhood within location and the indelibility of shared histories. Miranda Beltrán and Jiménez Santil will embark on residencies in Basel in the lead-up to the exhibition, preparing works based on the curators’ intensive research (Beltrán) and on the constructed Body and its relation to inhabited space (Santil).

For more information, please refer to the press release.

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