Alana Iturrlade Leon

Alana Iturralde Leon was born in Chicago and raised in Puerto Rico. She completed her MFA in Sculpture at SOVA in Penn State (State College, Pennsylvania) thanks to the Bunton-Waller Scholarship Award.

Her work explores textiles, ceramics, photography and video, from which she was recently nominated for an outstanding achievement award in Sculpture. In 2017, she was awarded the Emerging Artist Grant by the Cisneros Fontanals Foundation for the arts (Cifo) Miami, Florida. with a group of prominent young and mid-career artist from the US and Latin America in No Black, No white (no and). ). In (2015) she was an artist in residency in El Ranchito at El Matadero (Madrid, Spain). Where she presented her ‘Manifesto to Fragility’. Furthermore, Alana has had an active presence within a diverse range of cultural platforms in Puerto Rico since graduating from the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico in 2011.

Artistic Statement

“In my recent studio based practice, I become aware of the potential phenomena of renewal of our surroundings. Focused on creating art that express this sensibility towards life. To expand on my personal identity by exploring the poetics within craft and its effective relationships. By working with textiles, ceramics, photography and video from my background in sculpture. For me the process of manual labor is the poetic agent, linked to subjects of body awareness, decolonization, meditation and the active engagement/production of an emancipated identity. Possible to be perceived as an homage to life and the feminine beyond binaries.”

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