Fermín Ceballos

(b. 1978, Dominican Republic) is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in painting, performance, and sculpture. He studied at the National School of Fine Art in Santo Domingo, where he did his post-graduate studies in drawing, and later studied ceramics in Talleres Igneri.

Artistic Statement

My work contrasts with colonial stereotypical ideas about Caribbean’s art and artists. Although unintentional, it questions the preconception of what artists are supposed to do because of their origin.  Provoking what I think is an interesting, important and necessary discussion and reflections about the idea of decolonization.

My work arises from introspective processes and is often self-referential and based on emotional and psychological observations and philosophical issues about life. I do not attempt to give answers through my work. I do not expect people to identify with me. I want to provoke reflective and emotional processes in the viewer -stimulate them to observe themselves.

Described in formal terms, my work is characterized by sober and static compositions with a minimum of elements in an empty space, the absence of color provokes a disturbing sense of stillness, solitude and silence. A marked interest for textures and properties of matter leads me to experiment with various materials. I have always had diverse interests – a curiosity that encourages me to experiment and explore possibilities by venturing into different disciplines and tackling various technical, formal and conceptual aspects of art.

Lately, thinking on the transience of things, especially life, I got interested on ideas that demands a lot of meticulous work, patience and the dedication of large period of time, and once completed it get destroyed and disappears irreversibly.

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