Jimmy Robert

Graduate of Goldsmiths College in London. His videos, installations, and ephemeral collages draw on the theatrical language of choreography and contemporary dance, informed by thematic undercurrents of Conceptualism, Feminism and Post-Minimalist sculpture. Beginning with the white page as a state of absolute potential, Robert moves toward the acts of touching and representing while acknowledging their elusive natures.

Artistic Statement

As a class, we have been trying to develop an understanding of what a performance practice may constitute, and how this could influence our ways of making art and allow us a glimpse at the politics that are at play both within the class itself and beyond it.

By tracing a lineage from Feminism to Post-Colonialism via notions of affect, appropriation, documentation and language, and the idea of masquerade, we have worked toward constructing a vocabulary that has helped us not only to create new works but develop new ways of working altogether. Performance is a collective practice. Therefore, we would like to expand the collective nature of our work by “exporting” this approach to practice to the school in Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic.

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