Reginald “Redji” Sénatus

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1994, Reginald Sénatus (Redji) develops his artistic sensibility alongside his mother who produces handicrafts. Redji grew up, in a district of the city center of the Port-au-Prince, located near the artists of the Grand-Rue. In 2010, he joined Atis Rezistans, a community of artists specializing in recovery sculpture.

In this community, Redji explores different artistic techniques and establishes links with Claudel Casseus and Celeur Jean Herard. At the same time, Redji is involved with the artistic and social movement “NOU PRAN LARI A” which invests the streets to highlight the artists not represented in the gallery.

Since 2011, Redji participates in several editions of the Ghetto Biennale of Port-au-Prince. At the 2017 edition, he presented an installation entitled “A Cartography of Port-au-Prince”, having created an inventory of the socio- economic difficulties of the Haitian population. Since 2016, he has been attending the Centre d’Art of Haiti and has already participated in several creative and training workshops in artistic techniques.

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