Soledad Salamé

(b. 1954, Santiago, Chile) is an interdisciplinary artist who works with printmaking, installations, painting, and sculpture. Through her work, Soledad explores the intersections between technology and the environment. Soledad holds a Bachelors of Arts from Santiago College, Santiago, Chile.

Artistic Statement

My interdisciplinary practice of printmaking, installations, painting and sculpture are built upon my research based on travels to specific locations.

A most recent project called ALMA inspired by a visit to the Atacama Large Millimeter Array Observatory in Chile’s Atacama Desert is such an example of my practice. This observatory searches for the building blocks of the universe. Exploring the intersections between technology and the environment provides the point of departure for all of my work. Although this project began in a high-altitude desert, which is nearly devoid of life, I believe it is vital for me to explore the visual ideas it inspired in an environment that reflects the richness of the natural world, one that harbors the raw materials that I use to complete my vision.

Soledad was in Residency in Altos de Chavón, La Romana, Dominican Republic in 2015.

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