Ramiro Chaves Exhibition Edition | One month after being known in that island

For the exhibtion, Ramiro Chaves created an edition which is available for sale. Chaves started the exhibition drawing as the result of a long conversation he had with artist Diego de la Cruz Gaitán in February 2020, about the behavior of a shoal. He describes his strokes as a venture into a relational narrative around the Caribbean space: “I like to think of that place as a ‘cursive space’; these lines could be used as a map, but not in the functional retrospective sense of defining routes and, therefore, identities. There are no dots to connect. Their use is more itinerant. A boring, contemplative, and nautical speculation about the future in present time. This map was made with an emotional tone that conveys our conversation about different animals, objects, people, the dead, ghosts, natural and cultural storms, and losses.”

Ramiro Chaves’s practice subverts disciplinary boundaries by creating images and objects through the use of photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, and visual poetry. A frequent collaborator with Puerto Rican arts organization Beta-Local, with which several of the featured artists and curator Pablo Guardiola are involved with.

ON VIEW: Mapa Manco de Relación (One-Armed Map of Relation), 2020
Edition 20+2
Proceeds of the exhibition edition will go to supporting cultural funds in the Caribbean, which are aiding artists.

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