Residency Assisting working artists and arts professionals in developing their specific skills; connecting with local and global cultural networks; earning exposure for their research and practice; and sharing their creative and critical expertise with their peers.

To establish a conduit for professional mobility, cultural immersion, and creative exchange, the residency program collaborates with international organizations to host annual residencies for artists and arts professionals from the Caribbean, and for international arts professionals who are seeking immersion in the Caribbean region. Coupled with this, the Caribbean Art Initiative forms partnerships within and across the Caribbean region to nurture a more active cultural interchange between geographically, historically and culturally distinct parts of the region.

Caribbean Art Initiative residencies are offered through partner organizations within the Caribbean and worldwide. Since 2012, such residencies were offered for international artists at the Altos de Chavón School of Design, and for Caribbean artists in partner residencies programs in Berlin, Basel, New York City, Beijing, and Bogota.

International Residency Partnerships:

Residency Unlimited, United States

Residency Unlimited supports the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs, facilitated through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions. Residents benefit from a diverse network of partners.


Gasworks residencies are opportunities for an artistic exchange and experimentation, focusing on process-based and artist-led research. Gasworks encourages artists to pursue new research and widen their networks to support the development of their practice.

Bag Factory, Johannesburg

The Bag Factory is a non-profit contemporary visual art organization providing studio space to a cross-generational group of Johannesburg-based artists and international artists.

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