Residency Unlimited, New York

Residency Unlimited, New York

Residency at Residency Unlimited, New York, USA August to September 2019.

Residency Unlimited (RU) supports the creation, presentation and dissemination of contemporary art through its unique residency program and year-round public programs, facilitated through strategic partnerships with collaborating institutions. Residents benefit from a diverse network of partners, which allows for flexibility, customization and access to a wide range of services and resources including but not limited to studio/workspaces.

The residency includes: studio space; weekly studio visits with art professionals (curators, art writers, gallery directors); site visits to New York based artist studios, galleries and museums; Immersion into a community of international and American artists in residence; public programming; accommodation; support from the Caribbean Art Initiative Team

The Residency will provide participating artists an opportunity to build on their practice while living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Residency Unlimited ensures opportunities for residents, such as networking and becoming involved in the New York art scene. RU fosters customized residency environments for artists and curators in all disciplines and at all stages of practice.

To apply, please follow the link.

RU Residency Guidelines

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