Friends We are thankful for the generosity of our friends, patrons and individual supporters in carrying our mission and vision.

You help us to make culture and art accessible to everyone.

comprise a deeper relationship between the program; its creative community and its supporting base.
Open at all levels.

you support benefits the Art Initiative’s development of a robust and long term network and commitment.
The generous donations go toward production of the yearly publication, as well as limited Artwork Editions that commemorate an artist’s residency period and their broader body of work, plus other exclusive collectibles.

Individual Gift
your gift provides vital support for the development of culture and fund educational programmes and enable us to keep our national collection free for everyone to discover and enjoy.

We are grateful to our friends and donors for their generous support of our mission and programming. 
It is an important sources of funding by which we can achieve our goals! Thank you.

More information on the Caribbean Art Initiative and how to become part of the future of please email us.

Thanks to El Aposento, Bayer and Preuss, Alfredo Esteban, and especially, who have been since the first minute believers and makers of the Caribbean Art Initiative.

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